At Jtagz® we’re committed to ensuring you get the most from our product range, so please check out our top tips below and watch our how to videos.

Tip 1: How to Store your Jtagz®

To maintain optimal flexibility of our nylon product range, we suggest following the below tips when storing Jtagz® for 6 months or more:

  • Keep your tags in a closed clip-seal bag to retain moisture.
  • Store your tags at room temperature. If you are storing your tags in a cool, dry or air-conditioned space this will make your tags less pliable.
  • If you must store in one of these spaces, add a few drops of water to the clip seal bag. This will ensure the tags retain their moisture. Making them always flexible and easy to apply.
Tip 2: Get the right amount of tight!

When applying a RigTag® you want the tag to fit snug around your item but over tensioning. When over tensioned on an item, the RigTag’s clasp durability is compromised due to the added pressure on the tag. Watch our “How to Videos” to view the best way to apply our products.

Tip 3: Receive your tags faster

How you ask? With our new line of printed tags, you can have your order shipped within 1 – 2 working days. Check out the pre-printed range by clicking here. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team to enquire about priority custom printing – surcharges apply.