Asset Management/Asset Tags

All Jtagz® products are an effective means of managing your assets. Asset tags allow for quick Visual Identification, and can include all of the following to efficiently tag and manage your assets.

  • Colour Coding – utilising a colour coding system is the quickest method of visually identifying an object. Subsequently, each product at Jtagz is available in a range of vibrant colours.  By colour coding your inspection dates or registration periods you will have a quick efficient means of identifying out-of-date assets.
  • Alphanumeric sequences (numbering sequences) – deeply printed onto the surface of your asset tag, perfect for inventory control. By using printed numbering sequences you will have a visual aid that can be read without the need of a scanner, making the piece of equipment more readily identifiable.
  • Custom Branding – company logos, business information and maintenance/inspection periods can all be printed on our products.

Asset tags are used to monitor a physical asset and are commonly used to identify the following:

  • Where the asset is located
  • Maintenance schedules – When is the next inspection due/is the equipment safe for use?
  • Asset inventory – how many assets do we have.

Jtagz® products are the perfect solution for tagging your assets. Whether it be Lifting and Rigging Gear, Height Safety Equipment, Hydraulics and Pneumatics Hoses, Electrical Appliance, Hire Equipment or personal belongings we have a product that will suit your needs.

Check out our recommended products for asset management below, contact us today to start customising your Asset Tags or choose from our Range of Ready-To-Go packs online. To check out our full product range Click here.