Farming & Game Management

Governments and organisations play a vital role in maintaining and managing our natural resources. Standards and guidelines have been established for livestock welfare (farmed animals) and for the sustainable harvest and humane treatment of game species (hunted animals). Contact your local state government for information and regulations governing licenses, permits, tagging requirements, open seasons and other information.

The use of tags within these industries is important for farmers, veterinarians and governing bodies to be able to identify and keep track of animals that are being sold, transported, hunted and/or processed. This allows agencies to keep track of diseases, track location of animals and manage/control the harvest of game species.

Jtagz® products are the perfect means of identification, as each animal can be given an individual tag with a unique alphanumeric serial number. Our products are fully customisable, available in an array of vibrant colours.

Jtagz® does not supply governed animal tags, tagging permits/hunting licenses direct to the public- please contact your state government/local authority for further information.

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