Lifting & Rigging

Jtagz® products are the perfect solution for all of your lifting and rigging Inspection and Identification needs.

Lifting equipment is subject to strict industry regulations for the safety of everybody. To ensure all of your lifting and rigging gear remains compliant, it is necessary that a competent person perform periodic inspections certifying that your gear is in accordance with any applicable safety regulations. These regulations can vary worldwide so please review your state/country standards.

Our RigTag® products have been designed specifically for the Lifting and Rigging Industry and will withstand the harshest of environments! Easily tag your gear with tamper evident vibrant coloured tags, custom branding and unique alphanumeric serial numbers!

The most commonly used Inspection System within Australia’s mining and construction industries is the RGBY (R(u)GBY) Quarterly Inspection System.

Our friends at LEEA have complied a list of current Relevant Australian Standards. Click here for more information.

Check out our recommended products for lifting and rigging below. Design your own tag online today or check out our Printed ID Tag range. Click here to view our full product range.