175mm RigTag®



175mm RigTag®


200 – Navy_Blue


Prefix – HP-

Starting – 0101

Logo – Download Logo


I cannot see anything in the review design window above. My intent and design is simple. I want quarterly tags in Blue Green and Yellow. 200 of each colour. I want the lettering to be in white.
First Line: HP- 001
HP is our company initials and the tags will number from 1 to 200
Second Line: MON-MON 2020
Where the MON is the beginning of the quarter to MON being the last month of the quarter in upper case font. For the blue tag that is JUL – SEP.
Please advise if the tag design has been achieved do not proceed if it has not
Greg Eddy
Horizon Power
Midwest Mob: 0436 807 379