Starter Packs

The starter pack is the perfect kit to meet your quarterly inspection needs. This pack has been designed using the RGBY system, which is the preferred method within mining and construction industries (Red representing the first quarter of the year, Green the second, Blue the third, and Yellow the final quarter). Starter packs come in both 175mm and 300mm RigTag size options to better cater to a range of applications.

175mm & 300mm Starter Packs
Each pack includes:

  • 1 x Tensioner Plier
  • 1 x Marker Pen
  • 100 Red RigTags
  • 100 Green RigTags
  • 100 Blue RigTags
  • 100 Yellow RigTags

All tags are printed with NEXT INSP. DUE:

Jtagz RigTags are manufactured using high-quality nylon to ensure that our Starter Packs are suitable for industrial environments. With a dual locking clasp, RigTags have been designed to be tamper-evident, providing added security to ensure that inspection tags can not be relocated. For a full overview of RigTag specification Click Here.